Our Focus

We are at a pinnacle of structural advancement in the world, where blockchain and decentralisation is coming into the mainstream. The introduction of blockchain solutions paves the way for many more efficient solutions than centralised alternatives. We believe Web 3.0 is this next step of evolution, encapsulating society in a new, majorly improved approach where decentralised Finance (DeFi), decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with real utility are commonplace.

Times Capital aims to furtherly break down the barriers to entry for newcomers into the blockchain space in order to encourage this paradigm shift; our goal is to help facilitate this technological development and its accessibility for the public, which we are conscious of as Times Community evolves.

Our Drive

The ethos we hold ourselves accountable to is to encourage the progression toward empowerment for each and all, which we are conscious of when choosing the projects we make part of our ecosystem. Our ecosystem’s counsel provides a multitude of perspectives and faculties of guidance to ensure the projects we partner with will sustainably thrive. 

We take great pride in the projects we support through vetting their vision, values and whether they will bring new long-lasting value to Web 3.0 ecosystems. We take into account metrics such as the effective knowledge of the team, their proposed token economics and a navigable user interface and user experience, maximising their potential as a project and their ability to sustain long-term growth.

Our People

Toby Lent


Charlie Oldfield


Murray Legg

Chief Advisor