Our Roadmap

The emergence of Times Capital’s venture into the Web3 ecosystem

Formulating a growing initiative of how we can accelerate development of current infrastructure; formed on the understanding of which existing foundations within the space will be vital in the long-term – facilitating the applications and tools for conventional use in day-to-day life as mass adoption of DeFi takes place.

  • When vetting projects, we primarily focus on whether they will have real-world applications, bringing increased significant external benefits, in comparison to outdated methods that are not based on transparent structures which are being recognised as even less adequate compared to DeFi and the growing blockchain space in general.
  • By assessing the utility of each project, a decision is then made of whether they can sufficiently provide novel and effective functionalities through a navigable UI (User Interface) to on-board an active community of users to their network.
  • After being introduced to an outstanding team behind a project, we evaluate the best strategies to support them through considering any aspects that may need more expansion for how certain areas can be improved or may require more technical or collaborative expertise. 

Times Capital’s exposure campaign launch on social media platforms

Upon finalising our digital presence and successfully establishing ourselves on social media platforms through numerous in-house publications, our official partners will broadcast Times Capital in their various announcement channels; appraising our novel crowd-governed launchpad, coming soon to Times Community. 

  • Our twitter feed, telegram channel and array of medium articles will provide announcements of new partnerships and updates as well as giving more in-depth content encapsulating the direction Times Capital is choosing to take.
  • Advancing forward, we will synchronously be divulging more of what we are doing behind the scenes through our AMAs to keep our community updated on more than our medium, twitter and telegram channels.
  • As our ecosystem expands, a campaign led by marketing strategists and KOLs of our ecosystem particularly targeting pre-existing users of Web3, introducing Times Capital and the debut of our crowd-governed launchpad.

The initialisation of Times Collaborate

Times Collaborate will be an interface for our partners to facilitate further counsel and offer extended bandwidth within our network. Currently, our team of engineers are operating exclusively to construct Times CGLP and how we can better analyse data to help inform our community and partners within Times Community.

  • By exploring innovative alternatives for architects from different ecosystems to collaborate collectively, various interfaces based on Times Collaborate yield an assortment of project-developing tools that have been curated from our ecosystem.
  • Cheesus will be fostering the objective to make information available to the public – summarised from an assessment of metrics. At the moment, we are working in conjunction with Platinum as an executive administrator on Times Community, being Times Collaborate and TC CGLP.
  • Both objectives initialised with principals of symmetrical information for all to see when presenting digestible conclusions of data used to analyse our projects.

The opening of Times Community crowd-governed launchpad [CGLP]

Times Community CGLP will provide project allocations, configured on Solana’s ecosystem – but also interoperable with other networks – overseen with a novel KYC process facilitated via PhotoChromic and furtherly regulated by access to digestible analytics of data for accurate foresight of projects. 

  • TC CGLP initialised with principles of symmetrical information for all to see when presenting digestible conclusions of data which we analyse to vet our projects. 
  • Times Capital is excited to showcase an unprecedented KYC process for the CGLP which will be administered by Photochromic. What makes blockchain so great which traditional society lacks, privacy and transparency working together. 
  • A progressive tax system which will be subject to our community consensus rather than a token-tier allocation structure, in order to maximize accessibility for our community.

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